Barner Christian Academy

July Newsletter

Volume 16, No. 7

Paul, Elvie, Paul's Mom, Abigail and PJ standing in front af the Carman Road Alliance Church sign.

Welcomed with open arms to speak at 20 churches.

Reaching Muslims for Jesus


Sure, we had seen them before in zoos, but never in real life and without a cage had we encountered monkeys in the wild.

While in Malaysia, we spoke in the Bible Study/cell group of our delightful friend and hostess, Ting Ai.

During the week we also had a mini-vacation” as a family. On our way up to the mountains, our Muslim taxi driver told us when and where to look out the windows to see the wild monkeys.

“Azam, the monkeys are so free, without barriers. We are too, when we have eternal life in Jesus Christ.”

Azam shared with us how his own children are the same ages as our PJ and Abigail. He saw the love we have for each other in Jesus. After my answers to his many questions, now he knows the Gospel message. Please pray that the Holy Spirit leads others across Azam’s path to share Jesus with him. One day his heart and soul will be ready to receive Christ as his very own personal Redeemer.

Elvie, PJ and Abigail standing with four teenaged members of a prayer team Praying with an Alaska prayer team in the Times Square New York City subway.

Caught in the Act:

Righting the wrongs with which the enemy attacks us.

Before leaving the Philippines for furlough, we were driving one of the BLC school busses with a team going street to street, distributing flyers for the school as well as gospel tracts.

We noticed a little girl with a handful of our flyers. Elvie cried out, “Hey look, she is helping us!” But when we got closer and saw her pulling flyers off the grills of gate after gate, we realized that she was not helping us at all!

When she saw the words “Barner Learning Center” on the side of our “multicab” bus, she jumped into the bushes, dropping our flyers, and ran away.

Replacing the ones that she had taken, we continued to reached all 1200 homes in that area with flyers, Gospel tracts and BLC brochures. The truth will prevail!

Do You have a Summer VBS Project?


Needed for BLC's new 5/6th grade Building:

  • Backfill (Earthfill): 150 cu.m. @$2/meter ($300).
    {Still lacking 14 cu. m. ($28)}
  • Cement (Portland): 1220 bags @$3/bag ($3660).
    {Still lacking 818 bgs $2454}

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

Pastor Paul, you mentioned in your weekly email diary that you needed 151 “paying” children in addition to your 200 sponsored kids. What is the difference?

Every Jan-June Elvie interviews hundreds of prospective students for enrollment in Barner Learning Center. She determines whether they are truly needy. Those who are not poor will pay for their children’s education without the need of sponsorship. However the destitute children are placed on a waiting list until a sponsor is found for them.

Construction workers building the new BLC addition

BLC construction is "on-hold" until we return
to the Philippines in September

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