Barner Christian Academy

June Newsletter

Volume 16, No. 6

Captain's Log, 2004

Rendering of 3-story building with wrap-around balconies

Artist's conception of BLC's new Susan Barner Christiansen Memorial Elementary Building, 1st of 3 floors completed.


A sneak peek into some diaries of BLC's teachers and staff, in daily notebooks submitted to Pastir Paul, entitled, "The Captain's Log"

Teacher Joy, Nursery 2

“Thank you for using the BLC school busses to bring the BLC staff and wedding party to my ceremony! Thanks too for moving the staff around to cover for my class while I was on my honeymoon! It is good to be back. Today I taught the kids the difference between “behind” and “in front of”, and how to use them in sentences.”

Administrator, Dr. Ayoc

“While doing preliminary interviews of the poor families before they have their official interviews with Madame Elvie, I often share with them about Jesus. EVERY DAY this month one to four have prayed in my office to receive Jesus into their hearts! One day a rich woman brought a poor friend to an interview, and while Elvie was leading the poor woman to Christ in her office, I prayed with the wealthy woman and her husband in my office, to receive the gift of eternal life! Praise the Lord! This week I also led 5 Bible studies and fixed one of the BLC toilets.”



Needed for BLC's new 5/6th grade Building:

  • Backfill (Earthfill): 150 cu.m. @$2/meter ($300).
    {Still lacking 20 cu. m. ($40)}
  • Gravel Base: 88 cu. m. @$8/meter ($704).
    {Still lacking 49 cu. m. $392}

Elvie, Principal

“Yay! Another woman became born again in my office yesterday! I elected 2 weeks ago in Iloilo City to be the National Church Women’s secretary! Also last week I was the inspirational speaker for a women’s rally of 250 last week and will challenge 150 more next week at another location. I am also making up the 10 new packets to mail to sponsors who have just “adopted” BLC children this month. While praying and crying with many of these poor families over their troubles, one poor old grandmother who I interviewed for sponsorship said that she is the guardian of one of her grandchildren. Since her daughter has a dozen kids, she could not afford to feed and clothe this one. So the “lola” (grandmother) has watched the first grader ever since he was just a few months old. We decided she will have to show us the Philippines 2000 census of her shack to prove that she has had the child for that long. I am looking forward to our furlough in June!”

Pastor Paul, President

“While at the bank transferring funds for the construction project and for salaries, the guard placed his hand on my shoulder and asked, “Are you still a missionary?” With a sawed off shotgun at his side he inquired, “Aren’t you afraid of the kidnappers and terrorists?” Tow which I responded, “No, Davao is pretty safe. Besides, if they took my life, I’d be in heaven!” There is one thing that frightens me though. While PJ was in my office, he suddenly saw me jump up and dance around. A cockroach had crawled up my pantleg and I was trying to shake him loose before squashing him! Meanwhile PJ just laughed and laughed and laughed.

Nimfa, Assistant Secretary

“I followed up the engineer to allow some of the poor families’ fathers to work on BLC’s construction for our new building. Many of these people are my neighbors in the poor area.”

Children playing musical chairs

Musical chairs for BLC kids on Gym Day

Maida, Research Secretary

“I really am getting to know this school well! While organizing the thousands of records of BLC kids for the past six years for the government requirements, I am spending this first half year on staff at BLC to fill in as substitute for teachers, secretaries and even accepting enrollees, while ordering supplies for the school canteen. While substituting for Olive’s 4th grade class when she was on maternity leave, I taught the kids many Christian songs. They were humming and whistling them all the way home!”

Teacher Phoebe, Kinder 2

“I was gone a few days as my hometown needed me there to manually count the voted in the National Presidential Election Day. Pastor, the staff really enjoyed our lively and fun discussion while you were signing the 163 report cards! Today I introduced to my class the letter and sound Ff and number 7.”

Inday, Discipleship Coordinator

We will be giving 20 Bibles to the new poor families enrolled in BLC. Today 8 people from these new families accepted the Lord Jesus as their Lord and Savior! Yesterday. One more. And although I was absent the week before for our church’s VBS, in the week previous to it, every day there was at least one who prayed to receive Jesus into his or her heart! Each day I disciple 20 people, for 20 minutes each. I am also keeping track of the library holdings until we get a librarian. Plus I am supervising the list of rotating BLC janitor crews.”

Four Philippine women smiling as they lay out food for children

Children are served from the new BLC Kitchen

Rowence, Maintenance

“Between running for materials needed on the construction site and maintaining the school grounds for anything that needs fixing, I am busy. I check with the guard and assistant secretary to be sure that all the children are in their classrooms. I’m distributing Gospel tracts after school.”

Teacher Derly, Grade 2

“I have a pupil who can’t even recall what I taught, especially letter sounds” (Me: Sometimes, the more challenging the student is, the greater purpose God has for them.) “Praise God for today’s strength and wisdom. I was surprised because I noticed that one of my pupils can blend already simple words. He responds quickly! I prayed for this kid. It works!” Just this week another child added to my class. She doesn’t even know how to read simple words. Pastor, I believe it is an opportunity!”

Ben, BLC Jeepney #1

“I made 3 runs of 15 kilometers each, to pick up and drop off pupils at Tangongtugan and Tigata. Also picked up bags of cement and boxes of nails at the hardware store for the construction site at BLC. Plus I brought the busses to get fueled up.”

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