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Hi! Praise God for you, that you thought of our ministry here in Davao when asked about mission projects to support! A resume of our work, complete with needs presently waiting for funding:

Beginning in 1988, the formulation of an international church planting outreach in the Philippines was becoming established. After two years of prayerful planning, the first site visit was made in 1990. Four more visits to various locations in the country over the course of the next six years revealed a perfect spot: Davao City.

In February of 1997, Paul and Elvie Barner, of American and Philippine descent, started their first church plant, in Laverna Hills Subdivision, on the outskirts of Davao City, the third greatest city in the Philippines. The first response from neighbors was a cold shoulder. This was a result of the various religions represented by those in the area: Catholic, Buddhist, B'hai, Mormon, etc..

The need of establishing a "point of contact" was evident. After attempting cell groups, Bible Studies, house-to-house evangelism, crusades and tract distribution, we hit paydirt with children's meetings. Each time we planned a VBS, After school Bible Club, or Children's puppet crusade, hundreds of children came and packed out our little house church which met in a carport. In one instance, 185 children were in chairs, standing, and sitting on a mat on the floor, hearing the gospel. Many even made decisions for Christ at that time.

This great success in reaching the children led to the establishment of a Christian preschool in 1998, and in 2001, after receiving approval for elementary grades from the Government Department of Education, we opened first grade. This has been followed in succeeding years by additional grades, a new one each year. The name of the school is Barner Christian Academy of Davao City.

Besides preschool and elementary grades, a high school and vocational training college are in the plans. Education is a great need in a third world country like the Philippines. Not only does it lift the population out of the dredges of illiteracy and unproductibility, but it also builds the church. In these four years since we began the church planting work in 1997, the church has grown from scratch to 1300 each Sunday. Presently, the carport church has outgrown its facilities and has moved to the school campus.

This entire work has been accomplished independently, since most mission groups will not support a biracial couple. Through gifts from family, friends, and churches, this work is flourishing, lives are being mended, and souls are receiving eternal life.

Some of the pressing needs that we have at the present time are as follows:
(For the latest needs, please see the latest newsletter and budget pages)

42 Fl Bulb sets $4 each
435 Desks-Chairs
$14 each
17 Wall Fans $45 each
Tools for Language Arts $169
Tables for Ind. Arts $650
Music Shelves $204
Library Computer/Printer $479
Three new Jeepneys (buses) $27,500
Multicab (minibus) $3,000
Orphanage $28,000
4 WD Pickup for rural visitation: $2,400
Drumset: $400
H2O Compressor $800
Metal Gym Pillars $1,000
Teachers'Mailboxes $360
Gym roof (reinforced cement) $60,000
High School Building
(already available, adjacent to the campus)

As you see by this listing, the price ranges vary greatly. Hopefully, one of these pressing needs will fit the design of what you have in mind. Praise God that He supplies all of our needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus!

In Jesus,
Paul, Elvie, PJ and Abigail

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Click Here to download a sponsorship card, to sponsor a BLC student.

To donate funds to support the work of the BLC, you may mail a check to:

Christian Aid
P.O. Box 9037
Charlottesville, VA 22902

Please write "801BLC" on the comment line of your check to ensure that your donation reaches BLC. Christian Aid Mission accepts donations on behalf of the BCA and will ensure that you receive a statement describing your donations at the end of the year.

You may also donate by credit card using the Christian Aid website, Just click the Contribute link and please be sure to include the name Barner Christian Academy of Davao City and the code 801-BLC in the Gift Designation Information section.

Thank you for your part in reaching the Philippines for Jesus!

"Let the islands rejoice!"

Rev. Paul, Elvie and PJ Barner
PO Box 82,224
8000 Davao City, PHILIPPINES
PHONE: (011-63-0947) 329-0441 / 234-4000

Support Address:

Christian Aid Mission
P.O. Box 9037
Charlottesville, VA 22902

Please indicate that the donation is for the Barner Christian Academy of Davao City, 801BLC.

Thanks for your prayers!!

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Donation FAQs

FAQ 1- How do I donate through Christian Aid Mission?
Ans. Thanks for asking about financial gifts. While the best way is to send a check c/o Barner Christian Academy at 5 Eileen Drive, Rensselaer, NY  12144, there are a few other ways, the easiest is by credit card through Christian Aid Mission (CAM).

This is a step-by-step procedure for CAM:

1. download website
2. click "Donate" on the banner line
3. skip "Impact the world for Christ" and "Your Gift Card"
4. find "My Projects" and fill out the blanks:
 a. PROJECT: 801blc
 b. DESIGNATION: (type of ministry)
 c. AMOUNT: ($)
 d. FREQUENCY: (how often, usually once)
5. click "Add to Basket"
6. fill out "Your Information" & "Payment Details" (leave blank "Donor ID")

FAQ 1- How secure are credit card donations through the Christian Aid website,
Ans.- CAM's website credit card area is the most secure possible. I have yet to hear of it being abused in any of the thousands of companies and organizations using the same online transaction service. Please note that credit card companies deduct transaction fees, so if you want to maximize your donation, a check is best.

FAQ 2- Can I send through my credit card directly to Barner Christian Academy of Davao City?
Ans. No. Not yet. We're working on it. Our application for credit card deposits is in processing now. One drawback is that Philippine Banks deduct 5% from every credit card purchase/donation made in this country.

FAQ 3- When I sponsor a child, when will my commitment end?
Ans. That is up to you. You could, if you want, sponsor a child right up until he graduates from high school/college, since we add a new grade each year. However, we realize that that is not possible nor feasible for everyone. Therefore, since the school year begins in June and ends in March, each 12-month financial commitment begins in April and ends in March. We only ask that you inform us before March if you'd like to discontinue at the end of the school year, so that we may transfer your child to another sponsor. If there is no sponsor available for your child, we will not allow that child to enter BCA for the next school year.

FAQ 4- Why do I have to pay 12 months for child sponsorship, when the school year is only 10 months?
Ans.- The school year lasts from June to March in the Philippines. In April we have mandatory Summer School for the sponsored kids. May's sponsorship is a catch-up to make the monthly payments smaller for you. If you did not pay in May, then you'd be paying about $32 a month instead of $30.

FAQ- I want to sponsor a child. How do I begin?
Ans.- Thanks. Contact us by email to let us know of your intentions, at Each June I send out the first introductory letter to all prospective sponsors. In July the pictures and packets are finished and mailed out. The intro letter explains that the sponsorships should already be paid on a monthly basis, before the pictures arrive. The reason for this is that we need the funding to be able to afford to put the packets together.

Classes start in June, and with the three-month gifts of April, May and June, we get the pupils started with their uniforms, books, and desk supplies (pencils, crayons, etc.). Needless to say, these costs substantially overextend the $30-per-month support received from the sponsors. But in the long run, it all balances out by the end of the year, since the monthly tuition cost is less than $30 a month. The way we came up with $30 a month is that we figured out the total cost of having a child in the school for a year, and divided that by the 12 months of the year. Easier that way for sponsors to get the correct amount through.

Planning a visit?

The following is a list of suggested immunizations for anyone interested in visiting the Philippines on a short term mission trip, or for whatever reason. The list was from a doctor friend of mine, in Missouri. He was our team leader when we came out through the Rotary in 1994.


I recommended general immunization for Typhoid Fever, Asiatic Cholera, and to avoid possibility of Hepatitis to get .5 ml of Immune Globulin two weeks prior to departure. Also a booster dose of IPV (inactivated Polio vaccine and begin malaria suppression with mefloquine  --Larium). Drink only bottled water and avoid uncooked food unless thoroughly washed or pealed to avoid aomebic dysentery. Have a supply of any prescription medication with you.

U. S. Consular Information Sheet

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