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HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019! (1/1)


1. STATUS OF 2018 BCA “CHRISTMAS SHOES” PROJECT: Of the $7,500 needed for 500 pair of shoes (with accompanying gifts & BCA printed t-shirt): NEEDED: 7,500 by 12/25. Received: $7,315. Only $185 still needed!

2. Support BCA through Amazon Smile! Go to and type "Paul M Barner Ministries Inc" as the charitable organization you want to support. That's all you have to do! Now when you shop, 0.5% of the purchase price will be automatically donated to our ministry, at no additional cost to you. Thank you!

3. Donate your laptop- Are you upgrading your laptop computer & wondering what you will do with your old one? BCA has been directed by the DepEd (Department of Education) to build a new computer lab with units for all the 6th graders. We need 16 computers. If you do send us your computer, please use this address: Ginger Bruce 5 Eileen Drive Rensselaer, NY 12144. BCA will send you an in-kind receipt to which you will insert the fair market value of your donation. Thank you!

4. Reminder: BCA child sponsorship is now $30 per month. A few sponsors have requested online communications instead of normal mail. If this applies to you, please inform BCA (via email) at

Please pray for Mindanao’s missionary school, Faith International Academy (FIA). FIA still has need for the following nineteen personnel: 1. Secondary English Teachers (grades 6-12) 2. Secondary Social Studies Teacher (grades 6-8; grades 9-12 electives or AP) 3. Elementary Teachers (various in grades K-5) 4. Secondary Bible Teacher (grades 6-12) 5. Secondary World Languages (Spanish, French, German, etc.: grades 9-12) 6. Music Teacher (vocal/instrumental: K-12) 7. Physical Education Teacher (K-12) 8. Computer/Technology Teacher (grades K-5; 9-12) 9. Librarian (K-12) 10. Full-Time Substitute Teacher 11. Special Education Teacher / Coordinator (K-12) 12. English Language Learner Teacher (K-12) 13. Athletic Director 14. IT Staff (all school) 15. Recruitment Coordinator (all school; supported staff) 16. HR Coordinator (all school; supported staff) 17. Business Manager 18. School Counselor 19. Development Director (all school)

Praise God that Elvie, Abby & I have been blessed during our one-week visit to Guam, as the local Salvation Army, as well as a manager at the local Kmart, & some people in a local church, have donated items (clothing, school supplies, games & food) for us to ship back to Davao for our orphanage & BCA faculty.

“Where can we hide a motorcycle?” Christmas was just a few weeks away, & Abby & I had been secretly saving up for months for a special gift for Elvie: a motorbike/moped which she could use to get around since her car was destroyed in a flood this past May.

Since we are good friends with the admin in another school, the new bike was ok there for a few days. Then, at 3:30am on Christmas morning, while Elvie was still sleeping, Abby & I snuck out to the other side of town to get the bike.

A few hours later Elvie went out to water her plants & rushed back into the house. “There is something in the back of your pickup truck!” She exclaimed. To which Abby & I responded, “Surprise! Merry Christmas!” She was awestruck & thrilled! When we had to leave the next day for our flight to Guam, the motorbike found its safe place…in our living room!

Recently BCA’s Teacher Angel was herself trying to find a place to hide…herself. She is a brand-new teacher & just getting used to a classroom full of students. “Oh Lord,” she’d pray each morning before class, “Thank You for this wonderful day! I am excited & a little nervous knowing what to do for today but thank You for Your guidance!”

During the day she noticed Ronie & Andria were looking up at the clock & sticking out their lips. Another student, raised her hand. “Yes, Mailyn?” inquired Teacher Angel. “Do you have a question?” To which Mailyn tattled, “You told us to pay attention to our work, but Ronie & Andria are talking.” Teacher Angel asked, “But I did not hear them talking, Mailyn.” Mailyn continued, “But they pointed with their lips to the clock!”

Suddenly Angel got an angelic idea. “Tell you what. Since these two students have perfected body language, let is study how people in different cultures communicate.” She had Ronie & Andria come to the front of the classroom. “Now they will demonstrate how to point with their lips!” For the rest of the day the class had an incredibly fun time demonstrating how to communicate nonverbally & creatively, with their hands, feet, shoulders, & yes, even with their lips!

At the end of the day before releasing the students, Angel prodded her class, “Oh, & before you leave, you can use another kind of body language to show your desire to stay clean…you can only leave when your desk (& the area around it) is clean” The students’ response was not nonverbal! “Awwww…”

One other thing that was impossible to hide this last few days has been floodwater. Our Davao church had experienced a series of 5-& 7-strength earthquakes & aftershocks on Friday, which affected a 200-mile radius of its epicenter, 100 miles form our church. Our deaconesses removed the church’s brand-new speakers & guitar from their stands, placing them safely on the floor so they would not fall.

Yet late on Saturday night, a massive waist-deep flood hit Davao City. Soldiers strung up ropes so that residents could cross the roads which had become small rivers. Some troops were seen carrying residents on their backs & shoulders to get them freely out of their homes. A few people drowned. Although our church is surrounded by three-inch-deep mud due to the flash flooding, the congregation would not be deterred from their final worship service of the year.

Slipping & sliding, they made their way up to the second floor & had church there. A year ago we only had a 5 ½ string (one string was broken) guitar & an old drum set for worship time. However, during the year we purchased new speakers, electric guitar, & other instruments, including a nice surplus piano from Japan.

Yet since everything was destroyed in this flood, our worship a few days ago involved, as with this time last year, a 5 ½ string guitar & a muddy drumset. When believers want to worship, they will worship, come Hell or high water. The City Social Services & Development Office (CSSDO) has already sent a mobile kitchen to serve hot meals to affected residents.

Until next time…

Let the islands rejoice!

This week At-A-Glance:

January 3 (Thursday) Paul, Evie & Abby in Guam. School resumes at BCA.

January 4 (Friday) Paul, Evie & Abby fly back to Davao. Meanwhile Doug leads
Community prayer group (at McDonalds) in Davao.

January 5 (Saturday) PJ on worship team at Schenectady (NY) Messianic church.
Barners help clean up from 2019 flood.

January 6 (Sunday) PJ on worship team at Albany (NY) church// Paul preaches on the
Trinity at church in Davao, and also lead in members setting personal goals.

January 7 (Monday) Paul in language class. School resumes at FIA. Elvie at ministry in

January 8 (Tuesday) Elvie teaches at DABC.

January 9 (Wednesday) Prayer Meeting.

BCA has 460 sponsored students. As God sends new sponsors, we will add more out-of-school children to the sponsorship program.

BCA’S New Campus Fund (Phases B, C & D): Present Goal $87,000:

Phase B: Administration Bld. /Temporary Classrooms/Multipurpose Wing-East:
Need: $37,000 Raised: $37,000 Remaining: $0 Awaiting Government Survey of new (previously agricultural) campus, which may take as long as three years.

Phase C: Classrooms Phase One (First Floor South Preschool Wing/Cafeteria)
Need: $25,000 Raised: $25,000! Remaining: $0.

Phase D: Classrooms Phase Two (First Floor Elementary Wing-West/Library)
Need: $25,000 Raised: $11.000 Remaining: $14,000.

Present need: $187 for BCA bus repairs on Bus “Fi”- $35 for 1 set piston ring #25 // $17 for 1 pc cylinder head gasket // $24 for 1 set valve seal // $12 for 3 pcs spark plug $4 each// $7 for 1 pc oil filter // $3 for 1 pc silicon // $18 for 1 pc oil seal flywheel // $21 for 3 qrt oil $7 each // $38 for 2 pc ball joint $19 each // $2 for sandpaper.

Missions Team Visitors:

Now through May ’19 NY- Tom & Vangie
Now, through May AZ- “Grandma” Trish
January, 2019 KY- “Grandma” Flo
February, 2019 USA- Shannon
May, 2019 NY- Phil & family, PJ


Support us through Amazon Smile!

Go to and type "Paul M Barner Ministries Inc" as the charitable organization you want to support. That's all you have to do! Now when you shop, 0.5% of the purchase price will be automatically donated to our ministry, at no additional cost to you. Thank you!


Abby- Youth Group President, Church Music team, High School Varsity Volleyball team

PJ- University of Albany Student

Elvie- National Board of Trustees for CAMACOP, Principal at BCA, Sunday School teacher

Paul- Senior Pastor at FAF church, Board of Trustees Recording Secretary & Professor at FIA Missionary School, Spiritual Aims Chairman at Kiwanis Club, Vice President at DCL Prayer Foundation, President at BCA, Honorary Member of PI Eagles FOE, President of PMBMI, Half-Ironman Triathlete

Paul & Elvie- Founders & Directors of 25 churches & FHF orphanage, Kiwanis members, DCLFI Community Prayer team members & vice president, Professors at DABC College, Board members at FAF church.

Rev. Paul, Elvie, PJ and Abigail Barner
Philippine Missionary Church Planters
Barner Christian Academy of Davao City, Inc.
PO Box 82,224
8000 Davao City, Philippines 011-63

Philippine cell phones: Elvie: (63) (946) 258-4259; (63) (926) 939-4357 
Paul: (63) (947) 955-4541
Abigail: (63) (926) 939-4289
Barner Christian Academy Landline: (63) (82) 234-4000
PJ’s USA cell phone #(845) 587 7344
Magic Jack Computer phone: (518) 772-2359 (presently works to receive messages, but not to send them)
Barner Family’s new Philippine home landline phone# 63 (82) 287-3806

Paul M Barner Ministries 501(c)(3) address: Ginger Bruce, 5 Eileen Drive, Rensselaer, NY 12144 [(518) 434-6216]. "Barner Christian Academy": do not write “Christian Aid Mission” on checks sent to Ginger.

For online giving: CODE: 801-BLC


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