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Martin Luther King Day (USA: 1/17/22)

Coming Up:

2/6: Mother Church Silver Anniversary (25 years)
2/13: Communal Church Plant’s Anniversary (4 years)
2/18-19 Annual Overnight Church Ministry Team Retreat
2/25-26: Annual Overnight BCA Faculty-Staff Retreat
3/9-10/26: Barners’ American Speaking Tour
May: Abby’s college graduation
June: PJ’s Guatemala Missions Trip
7/10: Paul’s 14th Ironman Triathlon (70.3 miles: Geneva, NY)
August: PJ’s year-long LIFT Discipleship Program’s graduation

Please pray for BCA’s 5 ongoing construction projects:

1. SUBASTA Tribal Campus Wall: Elvie drove 1.5 hours away for overnight meeting with the engineering staff supervising the construction of the wall to contain our tribal campus property, giving the salaries for the workers.

2. FATHER’S HOUSE Orphanage Wall: One of our bus drivers (Boy) drove out to the Island to our orphanage to repair the cement mixer & train the orphans (mostly teens) to build a quarter-mile long wall around the perimeter of the property to protect the kids from soldiers at the military barracks which was built last year two properties away.

3. COMMUNAL 3rd Church plant: made 1st down payment on prospective new church property.

4. PANANTUNGUN 2nd Church plant: visited by engineer who developed plans for the blueprints yet to be approved by the City Engineer’s Office.

5. LAVERNA Parking Lot: Demolition permit still in process before present structures can be removed.

Praise God that it has been just over a year (1/5/21) since I was released from the hospital after surviving my serious bout with covid.

Praise God also that 4 more book series have been delivered to BCA’s orphanage for their new library/bookshelves. Meanwhile 20 elevated shelves have begun installation on the BCA campus. The series are: Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, Little House on the Prairie, CMA “Voices” & 3 children’s World Atlases.

“Godzilla, the Terminator!” as the 3 little boys set up their intricately fabricated domino buildings, the chubby little 2-yr old toddler girl in her light blue t-shirt & shorts waddled over & promptly sat on each structure: a one-woman demolition team! To the few fearless dominoes left standing, she meticulously punched-out one-by-one with her fists. So, I nicknamed this little terrorist, “Godzilla”.

Sunday after church the leadership team (CMT: Church Ministry Team) had lunch together & then spent the next few hours in our monthly leadership planning meeting. We also elected our 5-person governing board for 2022. After that was done, Elvie & I loaded 3 of the families (about a dozen people) into the black Chevy pickup truck & drove to our place for a kids’ video, games & dinner.

As the 9-&-6-yr-old boys followed my lead in carefully planning domino chains & 4-story domino buildings, Godzilla figured it was her duty to snuff out any semblance of civilization from these rectangular white tiles. I countered the boys’ disparaging complaints with, “Half the fun of making domino buildings is to knock them down!” Of course, when she attacked my intricately-constructed, 5-level card building, that was a different story…

The next day (Monday) at BCA, the school’s communications sectary Orbina diligently prepared her required 15-letters-a-day. With an average 18 working days each month, the secretary puts in 216 workdays annually (not including sick days).

BCA students’ 541 sponsors receive monthly letters, sent quarterly via mail or email. That totals 2,164 letters. The students enjoy sending their report cards, personalized letters, cards & pictures.

Sending pictures used to be so easy: after taking the pictures, you’d develop the film & then paste the pictures to the cards. But now with thousands of electronic files, carefully categorized & downloaded pictures are at the mercy of any passing magnet or system shutdown. Nevertheless, Orbina gets these precious letters processed & then gives the completed masterpieces to Doris to affix stamps & run them downtown to the post office for their trans-oceanic voyage.

Once the 15 daily communications are bid a fond adieu, the remaining few hours of the day are filled with updating & deleting changed addresses which I have forwarded to her. Orbina also replaced students who have moved away or dropped out.

Orbina’s husband used to teach at BCA & now is a 5th grade teacher in public school. The delightful young couple runs our 3rd house church from their small rented home, each Sunday transforming their small porch into an open-air worship center. Microphones, drums, guitar, pulpit & decorations assist the 30 worshippers, many of which sit on plastic chairs or wooden stumps out in the dirt of the next-door neighbor’s residence.

Last week they made their very 1st down-payment for a new property to be used solely as a sanctuary. It’ll likely be fully paid within 5 years & then they can start to build.

Richard & Orbina’s little place is pretty busy. Since the pandemic still outlaws regular classrooms, her 5-yr-old daughter GM was taught how to use a cell phone to get internet Zoom meetings for class. GM & her brother are home alone, with systematic visits from delegated trusting neighbors to see how they are, bring lunch, etc. Since they live down in a hollow, internet is pretty choppy, even when it is up & running.

Yet Godzilla the Terminator comes in many forms. Richard has developed a growth on the back of his neck, which need to receive a biopsy sometime soon. Power outages cause the Sunday worship speaker to sometimes have to holler to be heard by those occupying the chairs outside. Orbina’s headaches sometimes keep her from coming into work.

But when the day is done, & the family is back home from their exciting days of ministry, the warmth & joy of homelife causes all the obstacles & minor disturbances to fade into the background. Together the family opened the Bible for their evening devotions. Richard read aloud. “Recite with me Proverbs 16:3” Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.

Godzilla, you have met your match!

Until next time…Let the islands rejoice!


A. PJ & Abby’s singalong masterlink:

B. TH- #196 5 MIN, 29 SEC. January 6, 2022. LATE NIGHT WORSHIP #196 YOU'RE WORTHY OF MY PRAISE. Rensselaer, NY.

C. Sunday Message. Faith Fellowship Church, Laverna Hills, Davao City Philippines Richard Praca (Cebuano language) YOUTH SUNDAY Matthew 6:7-13. January 9, 2022 1 hour, 54 min, 27 sec.: PRAYER

Present Need: $300 for (installment #44 of 155) $46,500 3-story, flood-proof (9-foot-high backfill) raised parking garage/ church sanctuary & teachers’ apartments next to BCA’s present building. $31,300 remaining.

Wish to sponsor a Filipino BCA student? It's easy! Just send your first monthly $30 check to Barner Christian Academy, 5 Eileen Drive, Rensselaer, NY 12144, & you've given hope to a destitute Asian child.

BFF: 2021 Christmas Backpacks for Filipino children (filled with school needs for the kids) 600 students @ $15 each = $9,000. Raised: $7,259.50.

BCA’s new Bus Garage: Sponsorship for 2022 (Geneva, NY) Ironman race. NEED: $30,000 RAISED: $5,540.


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Abby- Youth Group President, Church Music team, High School Varsity Volleyball team

PJ- University of Albany Student

Elvie- National Board of Trustees for CAMACOP, Principal at BCA, Sunday School teacher

Paul- Senior Pastor at FAF church, Board of Trustees Recording Secretary & Professor at FIA Missionary School, Spiritual Aims Chairman at Kiwanis Club, Vice President at DCL Prayer Foundation, President at BCA, Honorary Member of PI Eagles FOE, President of PMBMI, Half-Ironman Triathlete

Paul & Elvie- Founders & Directors of 25 churches & FHF orphanage, Kiwanis members, DCLFI Community Prayer team members & vice president, Professors at DABC College, Board members at FAF church.

Rev. Paul, Elvie, PJ and Abigail Barner
Philippine Missionary Church Planters
Barner Christian Academy of Davao City, Inc.
PO Box 82,224
8000 Davao City, Philippines 011-63

BCA Landline: 011-63-82-234-4000
Paul's Cell Phone: (518) 577-8287
Magic Jack Computer phone: (518) 772-2359

Home address: 18 Eileen Drive, Rensselaer, NY 12144



Epiphany (Jan 6), Orthodox Christmas (Jan 7), Orthodox New Year (Jan 14).

Please pray for the 4 new construction projects for 2022: A) Build cement wall around orphanage. B) Build wall for tribal BCA campus in Subasta, Davao. C) build 1st floor (parking) of new multipurpose building at BCA. 4) Complete construction of BCA Panantongan church/garage/tutorial center/parsonage.

Praise God once again for the responses from my birthday fundraiser for Paul M Barner Ministries. This was the result: Bus garage for 2 new buses at Barner Christian Academy for poor Filipino kids in Asia. $404.40 donated, from 5 people. 3 people shared the fundraiser with others. 444 people were invited to the fundraiser. It was described: “I'm turning 60!! Flooding has hit Davao City very hard this October, 2021. My recent 70.3-mile Ironman triathlons have brought in donations so that our free Christian School, Barner Christian Academy, can purchase 2 new school buses. But we have nowhere to put them! This $30,000 will buy a lot on high ground and build a simple garage to keep the buses safe.” Once again, thanks to all who gave and prayed.

“Last one standing!” After church on Sunday, a dozen members (teens, 20s & parents) piled into the back of our pickup truck, rode to our place & spent the afternoon with Elvie & I. We had both lunch & supper & snacks in between!

We watched Narnia & also played 4 hours of UNO (combining 2 decks). Each time somebody won, they made up a new rule. Final rule: keep playing until only one person hasn’t yet won. That is the “last one standing”. This “grand loser” placed a pillow on the kitchen table, draped it with a towel, covered the towel with baby powder, & smushed their face in it to look like a Japanese Geisha lady.

At church earlier, I had given everybody paper & pencils to make their 2022 goals (mine are at the bottom of this page). My first (of 22) goal was…you guessed it… make a list of 22, 2022 goals. DONE! Only 21 more to go. Of course, some goals, (like “turning 61yrs old”) will have to wait…

The next day (Monday) at BCA, Teacher Jezel asked her 2nd graders, “Does anybody know what teething is?” It was fresh on Jezel’s mind, since her own daughter spent much of the Christmas holidays sick due to her baby teeth coming in.

“Oh, I know!” piped up Jay. “Teething is when you pick on somebody who makes a mistake” Teacher Jezel corrected Jay with, “Now, I am not teasing you, but you got your “th” & your “s” mixed up. Teasing is when you pick on somebody & teething is when a baby gets sick because her teeth are growing in through their gums.”

Jay was a bit distraught & quipped, “Are you going to scold me, teacher?” Of course, that was not her intent at all. So Jeezel, knowing that Jay loves acting, said on the Zoom meeting, “Not at all. Tell you what. Who wants to act out a play?” Of course, everybody wanted to take part, yet Jezel gave Jay first dibs, & he quickly forgot his previous question.

“Include in the skit Teething, Teasing, Teaching and Teaming. We need a Coach, a Teacher, a Baby and a Bully.” On Wednesday the kids came back online with their scripts memorized & received glistening grades for their “Theme Talk” in Art class! Since they had typed out their scripts & included them on the group chat, Jezel could also check their pronunciation, reading & writing skills. She was sure to include the rule that as much as possible, the kids were to use words which adhered to the C-V-C (consonant-vowel-consonant) format.

Since it was in drama format, the kids’ “special needs” were not obvious. Christopher’s stuttering was barely there & Angelo’s ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) was overcome by his sticking to the script. Meanwhile, their parents were just absolutely beaming in the background, as to their accomplishments.

For those of 8 her 25 students that had no cell phones nor computers, she sent a copy of the script & the chat messages from the participants along with the weekly modules to each student’s home. Their project was to compose rhyming verses as background for the skit, which the “online kids” will put it to music. Great job! But unfortunately, since it was on Zoom, it was not recorded. So, I can’t provide a link for you to see. But then again, you could use your imagination, considering the thought processes of a 2nd grader & bury your face in the powder-pillow to laugh at the results!

Jezel closed her class with prayer & the day’s Bible verses from Hebrews 10:35-36, So do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded. You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised.”

Until next time…Let the islands rejoice!


PJ & Abby's singalong masterlink:

WE- #193 5 min, 46 sec. December 29, 2021. SHOUT TO THE LORD. Rensselaer, NY.

TH- #194 5 MIN, 29 SEC. December 30, 2021. LET IT START WITH ME. Camp of the woods, Speculator, NY.

Sunday Message. Faith Fellowship Church, Laverna Hills, Davao City Philippines Pastor Paul January 2, 2022 59 min, 9 sec.: 5th Sunday of Advent (Magi). Jesus 1st Matthew 2:1-12.

Present Need: $957 for Internet reconnection $85, Battery & general cleaning of Air conditioners $62, Materials for division of Kinder & Preparatory rooms $ 224, Electrical Materials $98, Carpentry materials- repair of rooms $56, Chain for gates $3, Food- lunch & snacks during the general cleaning $66, Construction materials for Grade 1 wall $140, BCA Bus “Fi” gasoline $40 & oil $10, BCA Bus “M” deisel gas $50 & ATF/ Automatic Transmission Fluid $5 & oil $8, BCA Bus “C” deisel gas $30 & oil $6, BCA Bus “Ph” gasoline $74 & oil $34 & gear oil $19 & GTS gas $43 & Sure brake $4.

Wish to sponsor a Filipino BCA student? It's easy! Just send your first monthly $30 check to Barner Christian Academy, 5 Eileen Drive, Rensselaer, NY  12144, & you've given hope to a destitute Asian child.
BFF: 2021 Christmas Backpacks for Filipino children (filled with school needs for the kids) 600 students @ $15 each = $9,000. Raised: $7,259.50.

BCA’s new Bus Garage: Sponsorship for 2022 (Geneva, NY) Ironman race. NEED: $30,000 RAISED: $5,540.

Paul’s GOALS FOR 2022: 1. make 22 2022 goals…DONE!// 2. Complete Geneva, NY Ironman triathlon race (#14!) to pay off BCA’s $30,000 garage loan// 3. turn 61// 4. Read thru the Bible 3x cover-to-cover (lifetime total so far: 81x)// 5. build cement wall around orphanage// 6. build road & wall for tribal BCA campus in Subasta, Davao// 7. build 1st floor of new multipurpose building at BCA// 8. complete construction of BCA Panantongan church/garage/tutorial center// 9. Begin 1st BCA rural outreach to preschoolers’ families// 10. bring weight down to 165 for July triathlon (173 now)// 11. Confirm visits to 29 USA churches for travel schedule during 2022 furlough to challenge for missions// 12. Send out all 2021 tax receipts by February 15// 13. Renew Philippine driver’s license (11/9)// 14. Buy return tickets to the Philippines for October, 2022 thru April, 2023// 15. Attend Abigail’s graduation ceremony from Community college in May, 2022// 16. Raise $9,000 to buy each of the 600 BCA students a new pair of sneakers for Christmas// 17. Work part-time in USA between church visits.// 18. read 100 books// 19. run 500 miles// 20. cycle 5000 miles// 21. swim 5000 laps// 22. Replace my laptop computer before it stops working (it keeps turning itself off & the sound doesn’t work).

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