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Nutrition Day

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 Each year all government-approved private and public schools in the Philippines are required to host a Nutrition Day, preferably during Nutrition Week, if possible and practical. This is an especially fun time for the younger children, as they compete in paper outfits like fruits, vegetables, and other foods.
Nutrition Month- "Wastong Nutrition, Alamin At Gawin": "Right Nutrition: Know it and do it!"
"Pastor Paul, look at my son. He is very healthy, no? Maybe he should be part of the display! A mascot?" "Mommy, Let's eat!" After the competitions, the displays were devoured by 120 hungry children.

Go, Grow, and Glow foods from Kinder I Department.

Luscious Filipino fruit and food and Philippine farmer's native garb.
Pastor Paul challenges parents to not only concentrate on building the pupils' bodies, but their souls as well. Amidst colorful displays, Pastor Paul and government officials challenge the parents to feed their kids the right foods.
In their P.E. Day uniforms, the BLC pupils perform for their proud parents.

This year Barner Christian Academy was privileged to have their invitation for a speaker from the Government Department of Education approved. The school was blessed with a very informative speech from them on what are the proper foods and lifestyles that will enhance the best mental and physical strength for each child.

After the message, Rev. Paul Barner, International President of the school, gave a short inspirational message to both parents and kids alike. He challenged the parents to focus on a third category as well: the child's spiritual growth. In a Christian school such as BLC, the children hear of Jesus every day in class. Yet the reinforcement and prayer they receive at home multiplies the extent of those lessons learned. Finally, the challenge was given: A parent who has never received the gift of eternal life cannot possibly be a fine Christian example for his children. The best thing a parent can do for his child's spiritual condition is to become a believer himself.

Is Jesus in your heart?

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