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January Newsletter

Volume 17, No. 1

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  • Paul with a Filippino child, holding a gift.

    Each of the 200 sponsored kids receive a brand-new Christmas outfit, just their size...and a Bible, too!


    "Only one chair per kid in Sunday School...except for Arrbane, that is!"

    Our Sunday school class lacks chairs each Sunday morning, so rules must be followed. But there are occasional exceptions! Arrbane's foot was in a cast, propped up on a chair while I taught his Sunday School class.

    A scar was across his face, yet he listened intently, as if he cherished every moment of his newfound existence. He had almost died just a few short weeks earlier.

    In our email diary I had mentioned about Arrbane's tragic accident, after being hit by a tricycad vehicle that had sent him to the hospital with possible internal injuries. A friend added to the gift for Arrbane from the BLC Emergency Medical Fund, so that he could receive all the treatments necessary. He explained:

    "OK, Paul, then you can count on me for that $100. I might have told you about the story of the 13 year-old girl who ran in front of my car in 1992, and how I am convinced God intervened in quite a miraculous way to make everything come out well."

    Praise God for the fantastic way he speaks to people to help others! Arrbane's voice now rings out in the front row, singing,

    "I'll be a Sunbeam for HIM!"

    Paul presenting a book to a Filippino woman.

    200 Bibles in the Cebuano Language & devotional guides are distributed to the poor during BLC's Christmas celebration.


    You point with your lips!

    502 IN CHURCH!

    "Dear Lord, please bless this new direction you are heading us in!"

    After much prayer, our church board decided to have worship services every Wednesday night in 5 strategic locations: people’s homes. This was partially to alleviate the difficulty of transportation to the church late in the evening on dangerous loose-gravel roads.

    Please pray! We began this step of faith a month ago. As a result, more people are attending these midweek services, and more people likewise are coming to our Laverna Hills mother church for Sunday worship. We had over five hundred in church just last Sunday! PTL! Of COURSE I preached a salvation message! These are the locations:

    4 house church and main church locations.


    • 10 doors: $40 each
    • 10 door jambs: $17 each
    • Fire Escape: $357
    • Music Room: $4,000
    • Home Ec. Room: $4,000
    • Windows/Frames: $2,000
    • Man-Hours (80,000): 25 cents/hr
    • Ventilation Windows: $178


    Paul: I hope you know how very much we enjoyed your visit and how wonderful it was to meet your lovely family! I'm glad you're back home, safe and sound, and Look forward to seeing you again before too long.
    We have a good number of shoes & stuffed animals, stored up for your school. My husband loves to play those "claw" machines & every time he wins a stuffed animal it goes into my bin for the Barner Learning Center. -Caroline

    Bro. Paul: Have I got stuffed animals for you!! A church had its annual rummage sale/auction on Saturday. They had one tent that was just toys & stuffed animals. I spoke to a friend of mine that was working there & asked what happens to everything at the end of the day. He told me to come back at 3 PM with garbage bags & I could take whatever I wanted! I have 3 ½ LARGE garbage bags filled with stuffed animals. All were in great shape & those that had a bit of dirt on them I've already laundered. They are just waiting to bring a smile to a little child's face! We still have some shoes to sort through, once that's done I'll contact your folks! -Sis. Caroline

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