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August - September Newsletter

Volume 16, No. 8

This Vermont boy has prayed for our ministry every day in 2003-04

The “Terminal” Family

How exciting! After a wonderfully full 3-month furlough abroad, challenging hundreds of believers toward the mission field on a daily basis, we finally had some “down time”, with a week’s vacation in Paris, on our way back to the Philippines. While exiting the plane in France’s Charles De Gaul Airport, we noticed a man on a bench in the terminal, wrapped in blankets and surrounded by shopping bags. This was the man who inspired the new Stephen Spielberg movie, “The Terminal”, starring Tom Hanks. Because his country had disbanded 15 years ago, he has been a “man without a country”, trapped in the airport for 1 ½ decades. Little did we know that in a few short hours, our fate would match his, becoming THE TERMINAL FAMILY.

Paris is a beautiful place to visit.


Elizabethtown, PA
Getting a $2000 ticket discount, we switched travel agencies 2 wks before departure, giving the address of our last speaking engagement for the agency to FEDEX the tickets to us. Speaking Sun. night, we flew out JFK on Mon. At church the pastor cautioned, “Bad news: No tickets!” Calling and faxing all night from the hotel, we located the tickets in a city 10 mi. away. Closed Labor Day, we drove and got them ourselves, a few hrs before the flight.


Those taxi drivers!
Since the tickets were urgent, the agency could not give us an exact hotel address. Arriving in France, we just showed the hotel name to the drivers. None of them spoke English, so refused to carry this family of 4 with 12 bags. We took the Metro (train). Getting on the elevator in the airport, we had to unload all those bags off the airport luggage cart. Little did we know that our tickets were in the yellow FEDEX envelope still on the cart!


Paris Police/Paris Lost & Found
Exhausted from jetlag, we noticed to our horror that both our tickets & passports were GONE! After searching all of our bags over an hour, we inquired where the police station might be. At 9 pm, the sparkling Eiffel Tower in the background, we made our report. Back on the train, the ticket lady gave us the address of the Paris Lost/Found. Finding it Wed., they said even after items are turned in it takes 3-4 days for them to register on the system.


American/Philippine Embassies
We saw lots of Paris, looking for embassies & consulates. But most travel was underground subway. After finding a place to take our pictures for replacement passports, we went back to the USA consulate to fill out forms. By the time all the forms were filled out, the place was closed, so we’d have to return on Friday. Seeking the Philippine Consulate for Elvie’s passport, they’d just closed. The police gave us wrong directions. Today is Elvie’s birthday.


On the Metro
Quite a sight on these subway trains, we had to literally throw our 12 bags on and off the trains (4 of them) to transfer before the 60-second-timed doors would close. Twice we almost left PJ behind. Transfers are challenging, as they often as well involve up to a quarter-mile walk in long hallways and stairways. Altogether nearly a dozen French men & women helped to carry our bags & kids up/down the 500+ total steps. 2 hrs later we found the hotel.


Back to the Airport
Frustration: rushing miles with a 3-yr old & missing closing times by minutes. But God was protecting us from having to pay $1000 in passports/tickets: He knew where they were. Back to the airport, an hour away, info desk lost/found closed 5min ago. praying, we checked our last option: airport train info desk. Trudging tired feet, I asked, “Did you find 4 passports?” He spoke one word: “ELVIRA?” In tears & tingles I shouted, “Praise Jesus!”


Needed for BLC's new 5/6th grade Building:

  • Backfill (Earthfill): 150 cu.m. @$2/meter ($300).
    {Still lacking 14 cu. m. ($28)}
  • Cement (Portland): 1220 bags @$3/bag ($3660).
    {Still lacking 818 bgs $2454}

Missonary travel: Around the world, living from suitcases.

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