Barner Christian Academy

April Newsletter

Volume 16, No. 4

Pastor Paul with a student showing off her new white shoes.

150 BLC kids and staff got their very own pairs of shoes. Praise God for the part you played in this project: some of you sent shoes, some gave postage to get them here. Thanks!


“Dear God, these 4 vehicles are yours. Thank you for letting us use them!” His voice blasting out through the neighborhood from the BLC megaphone, Dr. Ayoc led our prayer with hundreds who showed up for our church’s 7th Foundation Day. We each laid our hands on the four new minibusses as we dedicated them to the Lord.

With my eyes shut, my fingers clutched the steel and glass frame of the multicab I’d driven on the BLC field trip. Sensing a presence as I prayed, I looked down. There in the hot Philippine sun, a 7-yr old student (John Carlo) looked up in curiosity as I prayed.

When he saw my eyes open, a huge grin appeared on his face. Shutting my eyes again in prayer, I reached down with one hand & laid it on his head, praying for the hundreds of children who would ride these cabs. Opening my eyes one more time, it was my turn to grin. John Carlos’ little baby sister had seen me laying hands on her brother and she too shut her eyes with her hands on his back!

Please pray for the church that is trying to raise $5,000 for a fifth jeepney. It will be used for public transportation, to bring in a regular income to pay the gas for the 4 new school vehicles.

People praying over the busses and a bus with happy students inside,

Dedicating BLC's four new busses to Jesus.


Most homes have bars on their windows to keep out thieves. Walls have broken glass cemented along their tops.



“Red, you are a soldier for Christ!” Tears poured from her eyes as our college friend shared the horrible news that her favorite cousin was pregnant and single. “One by one Red, your cousins are falling into this same sin. It is up to you to bring honor back to your family. Never let a guy lead you into this sin. All her lifelong plans are changed. She needs you- Let’s pray for her. You are like the princesses Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella. You have a special beauty inside that you can only share with the husband you’ll one day have. Even when you don’t feel beautiful, like Cinderella you have your special gift until you either give it to your husband or lose it. And now, help your cousin. She is hurting. She’ll be getting married soon now. Be there for her.



  • 40 desks @ $8 eac
  • 40 chairs @ $3 each
  • 2 blackboards @ $18 each
  • Windows $400
  • Supplies $550


The noise of rocks dropping onto the metal roof of our Faith Fellowship Church was loud and distracting. Danrice, the son of a policeman in the church, ran outside and apprehended a ragged beggar boy who tried to escape with his buddies. Interrogated, he apologized for throwing the rocks.

As the policeman, deacon, church board and myself calmed the nerves of the culprit, Elvie explained “We love you and God loves you. But because you sin, you need to receive Jesus into your heart. We can repair the dents you put in the roof. But only Jesus can repair your soul. Then, like a fish, when returned to the water after being caught, we let him go and he disappeared.


“The Lord is the strength of my life-
of whom shall I be afraid? – Psalm 27:1

Beads of perspiration grew on the muscular arms of one of our church members. It was not hot, yet a turmoil was boiling inside of his soul. Elvie and I placed our hands on him & his wife. “Oh God, “ we cried, “Rescue this man from his enemies!” His boss had just threatened to murder him and leave his 4 children as orphans. Raising his arms in surrender to God, Rex leaned against the plywood wall. It began to shake. His body was trembling in fear. Something spiritual was happening here. The Holy Spirit was transforming Rex in to a man who trusts not in his own strength, but God’s. With shirt drenched by his tears an hour later, a smile of relief came to his face as he thanked us for bringing him to victory through Jesus Christ.

Diana painting a wall and another photo of her teaching sign language.

Our missions guest, Diana, paints the BLC gym wall
and teaches sign language for church.

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