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March Newsletter

Volume 16, No. 3

Nurse gives a crying child an immunization shot while man holds and comforts her

98 children were immunized against measels at Barner Learning Center this month

Spread the Love

"Hi Paul: My mothet Barbara is turning 90. Our family has decided that, in her honor, we would like to "adopt" a child and have left the project up to me (dangerous!). Mother has a love for children, so what is the possibility of doing this through the Barner Learning Center? The only problem is that it won't be a long-term committment -- one year at least and, if enough money comes in, it could be for more.

"The family definitely liked the adoption idea so don't want to have the money go for another project even though I know you have many, many needs for the Center. Mother has 8 kids, 34 grandchildren, 70 great grandchildren and one great, great grandchild on the way. I sent out an e-mail about the idea, but some have already done something for her birthday, haven't heard from some yet -- so don't actually know how much money we have coming at this point. Thanks so much. We pray for you often -- both your time here in the States as well as the BLC and your family serving Him,


Four of the Boda siblings smiling

For their mom's 90th birthday, the Bodas
pooled funds to sponsor two BLC kids!


If you have always known and spoken at least three languages fluently, since childhood.


Giving Kids Tools for Life

“I didn’t cry, Daddy!” Straight-faced and with tears held back just beyond the reservoir of his eyes, our son PJ accepted his immunization shot against measles, like a man.

“See Daddy, no tears like Abigail had!” 98 pupils received immunization shots against measles as the Philippine Department of Health social workers visited our BLC school. This is a free service to these poor families.

Were it not for BLC, these families might never know that this dreaded disease could have been avoided! As the bird and swine flu threaten children around the world, it is a comfort to know that our BLC kids have the tools to fight these diseases.



  • 40 desks @ $8 eac
  • 40 chairs @ $3 each
  • 2 blackboards @ $18 each
  • Windows $400
  • Supplies $550

A Kid at Heart: Rejoice in the Lord!

“Hmm, must be a birthday party this afternoon. The kids are very noisy!”

Sunday afternoon I was in the middle of a project in the BLC office. The roar of laughing and cheering filtered through the door. Curiosity got the best of me as I went out to see the children playing. To my surprise it was not the kids, but their moms who were causing the raucous. It was not a birthday party but a women’s fellowship taking place in the church.

They competed with exciting games of Bible trivia, reciting Bible verses, & seeing who could be first to identify which hymn was on a specific given page in the songbook. They cried and laughed with Elvie’s inspiring message.

I met the ladies at the tail end of the rally when teary-eyed with joy, these new believers prompted over and over, “Let’s do it again next month!”

How do You Spell Jesus?

“At the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow in heaven and earth…and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.”
Phil. 2:10,11

This name, Jesus…what does it mean to you? Barner Learning Center has PTA mtgs 2x/yr. This week parents planned: field trip/immunization schedule & graduation.

1st I gave them a “pep talk”: GIVE ME A J!…”J!” GIVE ME AN E!…”E” …S …U …S! WHAT’S IT SPELL? JESUS! Jesus stands for: J-Joy in our hearts. E- Eternal life S- Saved from Sin. U- Jesus loves U! S-Strength through the Holy Spirit. Now, what does Jesus mean to you? Is He your savior? If not, pray with me now to receive Jesus into your heart. “Dear Jesus, I am a sinner. I know you died for me. Please forgive my sins and make me your child. I promise to live for you all my life. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

Three directors and Elvie
Mindanao and Visayas Evangelism Explosion directors visit BLC to discuss a kids' EE-3 training program.

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