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September Newsletter

Volume 15, No. 9

Delta Lake Bible Camp in Rome, NY had us speak to over 1,000 adults and children of all ages, challenging them to become missionaries by going, giving and praying.


 “While I was praying for your daughter Sue this morning, God told me there was no need to pray anymore. I called to ask what happened.”   It was a fantastic phone call. Dad and Mom were away at my sister Sue’s house on the morning it was recorded on their answering machine. At the very moment, Sue was passing into Glory.

   Mom has gone in to check on her, and Sue was napping. Then a few moments later she checked again, and could see that Sue’s head was slumped over. She knew that Sue’s soul had likely left her body.

   Elvie, the kids and I were away at Delta Lake Bible Conference Center, speaking and challenging campers to become missionaries. The camp director told us the news of Sue’s death. We cried and prayed in a little huddle there on the campgrounds. When we got back to Dad and Mom’s house, we checked the messages on the answering machine.

   Isn’t God wonderful? He has chosen such wonderful people to be His children: people who care for and console each other. Sue’s husband Rich has decided to have all memorials go to Barner Learning Center. We will use the $500 that has come in, plus any other money  that arrives, to build a sixth grade classroom in memory of her.     

  For 14 yrs Sue taught Special Education to 6th graders.


We planted a church in Davao City, Philippines with the help of students from a local Bible College. Recently the college changed its policy. Student’s won’t be leaving to do ministry in local churches on Sundays anymore. So now the new believers in our church are taking responsibility. Each morning they have a prayer time. Half a dozen men get together for prayer. Most of these have been believers less than a year! Our BLC teachers are now teaching Sunday School, and the interim principal recently led a parent to become a believer!

ROOF & DORM: $3,500
SCHOOLBUS: $1,500 (x3)
5th GRADE: $3,500
FILE CABINETS (3): $20 each PAID!
GYM ROOF: $3,500
SIDEWALK SECTIONS (33): $20 each
SOUTH DORM: $25,000


Exhibiting at Missions Conferences is fun. Churches that are serious about missions normally welcome more exhibits. If God's calling you to fill this need, please ask for a promotion packet at J


My sister Susan completed her six-year cancer battle on July 25. The morning before her 47th birthday she took a nap and woke up in heaven. Thank you for your many prayers for her strength during these past years.

After she successfully planned my parents’ Golden anniversary celebration earlier in the month, the family had a joyous time of singing hymns as she listened in. When we left we each said goodbye, aware it would likely be the last time. Tears and smiles made bittersweet memories that will last the rest of our days.

The last few months Sue and her husband Rich let Elvie, me and the kids stay occasionally with them whenever we were to speak in her area of New York State. We’d surprise her in the mornings with mini celebrations.

One morning it was Post-it Notes. We stuck hundreds of them all over the house with messages of faith and memories like “Remember when…?”

Another day it was balloons, dozens of them, all hanging from the ceiling of her special room. Then there was the day of the streamers. Why? Because as we watched her life flickering dimmer and dimmer like a candle about to go out, we treated every day like a birthday: a gift from God to cherish and celebrate.

She planned her own funeral, a time of rejoicing. The pastor read the message that was from Sue’s own pen:

My message to you: We pray for miracles, but when God doesn’t grant them, why are we surprised? God has His own plan, and it doesn’t always agree with ours. As Christians, we have hope for our future that others don’t have. We have hope of Heaven and spending eternity with God.

Since April, I have rapidly slid downhill. Life hasn’t been much fun when all I can do is eat and sleep. I have very little energy for much else. This wasting away doesn’t mean I’ve lost my faith in God. If anything, it has made it stronger.

I will miss Richard, my wonderful family and friends. However, I am in a better place-with no more pain and suffering. Please be happy for me, and if you haven’t made Jesus the center of your life-please don’t wait any longer. I want to see you all in Heaven some day. -Susan

At Susan's funeral, various family members and friends described how Susan had touched their lives.  Several sang songs celebrating Susan's life and ministry, including brother Steve, who sang this song that he wrote for Susan.

Thinking of Susan
Stephen Barner

The way of God is a mystery,
And no one can comprehend His plan.
Our wisdom is His folly,
His purpose is not understood by man.
He casts perfect seed and tends to its care,
And gathers it in His own time.

They shall mount up with wings, as eagles.
They shall run and they shall not be faint.
Illumine the night with the light of His love,
Find life's meaning in His grace.

They say the stars cannot be counted,
Yet He calls them one by one by name.
He knows each lamb on the mountain,
Though to me, they all look quite the same.
He calls to His own and gathers them in
To everlasting light.

They shall mount up with wings, as eagles.
They shall run and they shall not be faint.
Illumine the night with the light of His love,
Find freedom in His strength.

Lord, lend us some of your wisdom
To bridge this chasm in our hearts.
Give us ears to hear your perfect message
And a passion for your work.
When grief comes to bear and pain is your guide
Look up, from despair,
And behold His hands and side.

They shall mount up with wings,
They shall mount up with wings,
As eagles, as eagles.

Amazing Grace.

“A leader is a person who has the ability to get others to do what they don’t want to do, and like it.”- President Harry S. Truman



“I want to be a missionary when I grow up!
I helped 200 kids already with my offering this week!”

Around the closing campfire at Delta Lake Pathfinder and Explorer Camp, as the sparks floated upward into the night sky, dozens of campers dedicated themselves to become missionaries. They wanted to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth.

They took up a special offering, raising enough to send two boxes of shoes to the poor children in the Philippines. Many churches and friends have given us shoes and toys for the Filipino kids, and I challenged these campers to help us pay the postage to send them.

After the offering came in, I thanked the kids. “Take your two arms and wrap them around yourself. Give yourself a great big hug, and imagine that it is coming from the 200 poor grateful kids, in rags, who will be receiving these gifts because of you!




It's been three years since our last furlough, and we're now planning on being in the USA from Feb. to Oct., 2003. Would you like for us to visit your church? Please contact Bud Barner for available times, at budbarner(at)juno. com.


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