Barner Christian Academy

May Newsletter

Volume 13, No. 5


"Smile!" One by one, the 100+ BLC pupils filed into the room, straightened in their chairs, and smiled for the camera. It was Yearbook-Picture-Taking-Day at the kinderschool.

The previous yearbook was designed, laid out and printed entirely by the school president (me!). This year however, the teachers are doing the work.

            Summer School (April/May) has only half day classes, so the teachers are organizing the pictures of children and events in the afternoons.

            THE PRAISE ALBUM is the annual title of our yearbook, and the themes so far are, 


            Since everybody usually saves their yearbooks for years and years and years, what better way to share the gospel? So the Gospel of Jesus is clearly explained, and each page has Bible verses printed on them. Let everything praise the Lord!

The Nursery I class visits the home of their crippled classmate.


(In a card sent from a ladies' Sunday school class in Canandaigua, New York to their sponsored child on her birthday): Hello! We are so happy to know you & help you attend the Barner's preschool. Have a very happy birthday and a year full of God's blessings! In the love of Jesus, Milly


One of the most cheerful teachers we have at BLC is also the director of music at our Laverna church plant. Her name fits her well: Joy.                   During her summer break she joined Youth With A Mission (YWAM) on a local crusade called DALUYONG ("the wave"). Her outreach was to share the message of Jesus Christ with the homeless street children of Davao.

At the end of each busy day of witnessing was a time of worship in the gym. I brought many from our church to these dramas, songfests, and presentations. During the altar call one evening, Joy looked up into the stands and exclaimed excitedly, "Look, there's my Pastor!"


Ezer attends a Bible College to be trained to become a pastor. He recently accepted our invitation to come and be our church's ministerial intern.

            Weekly, Ezer gives me a report of his ministry at Laverna Church. In charge of the cell groups, he has organized all the people in the church geographically, and has one Bible Study a week with each of the 5 groups.

            He and I also sat down and paired up "discipleship buddies". Each mature believer in the church has one new believer to teach once a week, about growing as a believer in Jesus.

A sponsored pupil's mom scrubs the BLC floor


Running a Christian school requires attending many meetings. During the past month, our family has traveled by boat, plane, and land to attend them. Yet the joy inside is felt as you worship together with other believers who also feel called to reaching the lost through the means of education.

While 2 weeks in Zamboanga, Elvie listened to renowned speakers from three different countries in their analysis of ideas in reaching the lost.

Our plans this next school year will include integrating both CEF and EE3 in our curriculum.

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