Barner Christian Academy

April Newsletter

Volume 13, No. 4

The 128 children in Barner Learning Center this year are excited about the introduction of our first elementary grade, this June


Pastor Atalon Eboy, our church elder's brother, is a church planter with his wife and 8 children in Birada, Kidapawan. Because the farmers live in mountainous jungle, our elder lent him his horse to visit some of the families that live in a 2 1/2 hour walk from his home. Yet last year while visiting village huts, the horse was tied to a coconut tree and a flash flood strangled the animal on the end of his rope before Eboy could rescue it. We are now longing to either buy a bike (& lock) or horse for Eboy, and begin a mountain bike-buying program to help these mountain pastors who spend most of their time climbing and walking many miles. The bikes are discounted at $50 each.

At our school's 3rd Graduation Ceremony we gave plaques of appreciation to our school dentist and doctor, who both gave checkups to the 100 children in our school.


Tim O'Connell is 12 years old and saves up his allowance to send $20 a month to sponsor a poor boy in our school. Recently he sent a letter to his "adopted" boy:

Dear friend,

My name is Timothy O'Connell and I am your sponsor this school year. I hope you do well in school and get a government job when you grow up. I will pray for you and your family and hope that you grow stronger in Christ.

Your Sponsor, 
Timothy O'Connell


The BLC kids were graduating and during my president's address, I was having them spell and cheer the name "JESUS!" Their challenge, among the 400 grads and guests present, was to, even if they remembered nothing else that they learned this school year, to remember all that we had taught them about salvation through Jesus Christ.


"I've never done this before!"
"Sure. But isn't it exciting?
You're doing a great job!"

I was talking with our new head deacon at church. In a new church and school like ours, everybody is a novice as major responsibilities are placed on their shoulders. Farmers have become elders. Salesmen are deacons, and the deaconesses are poor squatters whose homes are rough wood shacks in a muddy swamp. When they come to church or school, they are important. God doesn't call the already qualified Rather, he qualifies those he called.

22 Kinder II graduates sing

"Heart to Change the World"


Christian Aid Mission (CAM) receipts 6,000+ ministries around the world, besides ours in the Philippines. So we developed word codes instead of code initials for those who want to give for any of these areas.        j

child sponsorship: International student sponsorship program ($20/mo.)

emergency medical fund: medical fund for children in life & death needs

bicycle fund: our newest fund, to supply mountain bicycles (with locks) for rural pastors who have no transportation to the rural mountainous areas where their churches are being planted.

piano: repair of the piano that was damaged in the flood of '99. 

elementary building: purchase of our school building for elementary school at Barner Academy (subsidiary of Barner Learning Center) 

preschool building: purchase of our building for nursery 1 & 2, and kinder 1 & 2 classrooms.

car: 4wd pickup truck. Other temporary funds just need code words to explain what they are for. For example, VBS's at different churches might this summer raise money for one of many needs in this new school and church. They would be as follows: 

Xerox: copier machine 

drums: drum set for the school 

desks: furnishing of desks and chairs for elementary classrooms 

flagpole: our new enormous school flagpole that the government required that we build to be over three stories high. 

I guess you get the idea. Whatever the need is, a word to describe it will be included in the receipting that Christian Aid Mission sends to us via email. As to the 801-BLC code, it is included with every donation given for our ministry. That is our designated account number, of the 6000+ accounts that Christian Aid Mission (CAM) receipts. So when a designation is sent, A person lists both. For example, for the drums, the donor would put "801-BLC drums". Or for child sponsorship, "801-BLC child sponsorship".

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