Barner Christian Academy

March Newsletter

Volume 13, No. 3

The youth at our church plant perform during our combined Baby Dedication, Charter Member Acceptance, and Foundation Day for the church.


"Paul, I play kickball today as part of the fundraisers for your school, Barner Learning Center."  -Sue

"Yesterday it was basketball, and Thursday it will be dodgeball.  The kids pay $2 to play, and they have to have at least one sponsor.  I have about $42 in sponsors. They sold over $400 in carnations and get to donate .65 per carnation to the children's emergency medical fund.  I hope we'll be able to raise at least $1,000 for your school." 

"Also Paul,  the presentation to the sixth graders went really well. The pictures were scanned onto the PowerPoint presentation, and I talked while we showed the slides." 

"They are also going to pie the teachers.  For 50 cents you can put the name of the person you'd like to see get a pie in the face.  (Of course they have to agree to it first).  Then the teacher with the most votes gets to have the pie shot at them.  I'm not sure exactly how they'll be doing it." 

"We aren't having the dance because the principal is out for the month having her hip replaced, and she didn't want us having an all nighter without her there. Well, gotta go.  We are remembering you in our prayers. Sue." 

Sunday Afternoons Pastor Paul  trains our Elder Tibs, in Pastoral Theology


A salty ocean breeze swept through the open-air upper room, blending with the laughter, singing and stories late into the night. During our BLC faculty retreat on the seashore, the 10 teachers shared funny stories about our 128 pupils in our school this year.

It was a welcome break from the busy ministry that each of our staff carry out. As leaders in their churches, they each bring their Bible training from Sunday church into weekday classrooms.

 As pastor/Bible college teacher & missionary church planter, I give direction for the school's future, as its president.

As advisor for the ladies in the church and as visitation director, 

ELVIE counsels the parents and teachers as the school's principal.
JOY teaches her Nursery I pupils songs about Jesus and also is the music director and youth group president at church.
LALAINE, Joy's aide, has a Master's degree in Religious Education. She is director of outreach and C.E at the church.
BING AND BONG (the newlyweds) teach Nursery 2 and Computer. On weekends they use the school's puppets in mountainous native areas to tell poor children about Jesus.
ANN is Bing's aide, and youth and music director in her church.
JO is Kinder-I teacher, as well as a pastor's wife. She teaches Sunday School.
SALLY is Jo's aide, and is also a church planter in the very poor rural areas, 2 hours away. She directs Bible clubs for kids.
ELNA, our Kinder-II teacher, teaches Sunday School in a city church, and also is the worship leader.
BERMAN, our school guard, is vice president of the church youth group, andů
PHILIP, our doctor, is both worship leader and an elder in his Chinese church.

Our baptismal service was at low tide, so it was a long wade for the church!


 God is amazing! Each week brings new and exciting victories for Jesus! In an effort to reach our neighbors for Jesus, we applied to the post office to open a postal station, and were approved. Now, letters sent all over the world , to Asia, Europe, America, Africa, etc. are receiving the BARNER LEARNING CTR. Postmark! And the senders get gospel tracts!

  In response our PTA's petition for us to open an elementary school, renovation is going on right now to build a first grade wing onto the school. It will have a beautiful blue roof and be joined by a second-floor 2nd grade in November. God is good!


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