Barner Christian Academy

February Newsletter

Volume 13, No. 2

BLC helps people build their faith."GOD IS IN CONTROL"

"And we know that in all things God works  for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose."-Romans 8:28

When you are on the front lines of battle, you will be shot at. The telephone rang. The professional voice on the other end of the line seemed urgent. "Hello, this is the Department of Education in Davao. We have a letter here that has claims against your school. Please come to our office immediately."

Running a Christian School means that Satan has many opportunities to test our testimony. Yet in all we do, we need to shine. Like in the case of Daniel in the Old Testament of the Bible, we need to be sure that not even one fault can be found with our work.

Every false claim was documented inaccurate. All our teachers are fully licensed. We'd earned our government permit without bribes, and those who can afford to pay for classes pay the same amount as the sponsored children's tuition. All our staff has medical insurance and social security covered by the school.

Since we began our Christian School in 1998, Elvie has made a point to go overboard in doing everything "by the book", even when other schools have said it was unnecessary. We carry the added responsibility, not only of carrying the reputation for our school, but also of our testimony for Jesus Christ.

God used Satan's attacks against him. In our PTA meeting, the parents spoke for the school and developed a petition to the government to extend our kinderschool to first grade elementary classes.

Truly, as always, God is in control!

"Burn the Fetish!"

"If we burn the fetish, the smoke may bring demons into our house!" No, God is powerful. We'll pray that He protect you.

Jane and Ray (not their real names) are parents of two sponsored pupils at our kinderschool. Our church elder and I visited their small shoebox-sized cement house. "Jesus loves you, Ray. He wants to come into your heart." There, as we prayed, he received the gift of eternal life, becoming a new believer. "Is there anything that you want us to pray for?"

"Yes, pastor!" Jane reached into a weathered box and pulled out an old brown folder. Dance of the Demons was the name of the piano piece. I am familiar with this active, classical number. But for Jane, every time she played it, she imagined demons dancing.

So we burned the folder, praying that its smoke would avoid the house. As the flames leapt up, a breeze blew the smoke away from the house and down the street. "Let this folder's burning represent the sin that is taken away from you through the blood of Jesus Christ as you have received Him into your heart."


The Philippines has a new president, Gloria Macapalgo Arroyo. She changed from vice president this month when the Filipinos forced President Estrada from power due to his stealing. This force of Filipino power, called "People Power" was begun in 1986 during the Edsa Revolution. This month's revolution was titled, "Edsa Dos" (Edsa, Part Two).

Arroyo learned much from her father when he was president 35 years ago. Likewise, our church and education ministries are training future leaders. A spiritual revolution is taking shape, as I  train our church elder through TEE (Theological Education By Extension).

Every Sunday afternoon for an hour or two we correct our lessons about Jesus. After he graduates next year, Tibs our elder, will train the deacons in the church.

Every week I teach English and Bible history to college students. Training future leaders to reach the world for Christ is a revolution, gathering momentum.

Philippine children do not have adequate access to healthcare.BLC Emergency Medical Fund

"For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink…I was sick and you looked after me…"-Matt. 25:35,36

"Pastor, my son Carlos' leg is not moving. Do you think he's paralyzed?" Why not take him to the hospital? "I can't. We can't afford it." Then we will help you from the BLC Emergency Medical Fund (EMF)".

"Pastor, one of the BLC parents had a miscarriage. It was in the middle of the night, and blood was all over the floor of her shack. She could not move, as she exhausted. It was so good that I was there to help clean up the mess and feed her pig." Did she go to the hospital for a D & C? "She can't afford it." Then we will help you from the BLC Emergency Medical Fund."

The BLC Emergency Medical Fund has, to date, received from various sources a total of over $500 to assist children in emergency medical situations. They can only be assisted if the illness is life threatening and if the family cannot cover expenses themselves.

The fund is unique in its design, for the funds that are placed into it are never depleted. Instead, only the interest from deposited funds is used. If the interest to date is used up, no money from the principle will be released. Therefore every month, there will be a guaranteed amount available in case of emergencies. To give for this, designate: BLC Emergency Medical Fund.

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