Barner Christian Academy


Volume 12, No. 9


“Did you know that scouts were mentioned in the Bible? The wise men scouted out where the star was to lead them. The twelve spies from Israel scouted out the Promised Land, and two came back with a favorable report. These scouts prepared the way for those who would follow them. 

“Tell me, as you prepare the way for your children, are you making it safe for them? Are you leading them to Jesus? Or is your example leading them away from eternal life in Him?” 

120 pupils from our Barner Leaning Center, along with their parents and also officials from the Davao scouting program, listened and participated, as I challenged them from scripture, and as their kids were accepted into the BLC scouting program. 

The enemy tried to stop the event. While the Girl Scout reps got lost trying to find the outdoor basketball court venue and arrived late, the Boy Scout reps got sick, and didn’t show up. I filled in their places, initiating each boy with the handshake and salute. Cyrus is so short that he stepped on the hem of his shorts and his pants fell down!

A distraction came as we began, when kids all ran to see something lying on the ground near the foul line. One tugged on my pant leg, “Sir…patay! (dead)” Sure enough, a dead goat was lying on its rope. I tugged the rope and dragged the dead animal to the canal. The show must go on! God is glorified!


The line of dirty faces and ragged clothes wound around the building. Buckets, barrels, and jugs came into the school grounds empty and left full. 

Because of a water shutoff for a week, neighbors appreciated the deep well that came with this school building. As all came, they were reminded by signs all around the school that:

Working During Vacation

With brown faces darkened even more so by charcoal, hundreds of old and young Kadayawan dancers paraded in their colorful native dress past onlookers in the streets. It was Davao’s annual fruit harvest celebration. Two in the crowd were my brother and sister from New York, Bud and Sue.

Bud and Sue are more than just family. They love the Lord and long to see the Great Commission fulfilled, so that everyone in the world might hear the gospel. We took them through jungle mountain paths past skyscraper-high bamboo trees, canopy-sized banana leaves, and water buffaloes coursing their ways through muddy rice paddies.

They shared with believers and unbelievers in both rural and urban areas, and experienced the thrill of spreading the Good News through gospel tract distribution.

Now they are back home in New York teaching, yet their two weeks’ stay here, from mountains to beaches to banana plantations to jungle, will remain for years to come in the scrapbook of their memories.

Their completed projects of painting bright and colorful cartoons on the exterior school wall, and rewiring of the electricity in the administration building will make our ministry so much more effective and smooth.  Praise God for willing hearts!

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Last edited September 02, 2002
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