Barner Christian Academy


Volume 12, No. 8


 “If a child skips breakfast, he feels an emptiness inside. His school day is a drowsy one. Even so, if you live without Jesus, you are empty inside. You feel empty and drowsy in life.”  

On our Nutrition Day at the kinderschool, 200 children and parents listened to lectures like this one from myself, from the PTA president, and from the Nutrition Director of a local hospital.

We’d purchased a few rolls of film to get lots of cute pictures from the event, yet had loaned the camera to a relative, and it was returned with dead batteries. It was not until the event was over that we realized the batteries were just put in upside down!

The children were dressed like fish, vegetables, fruit and milk to represent the types of food that help you to “Go, Grow, and Glow”.

These kids competed for prizes also in their classes for having the nicest booths. Each booth had food groups represented, which were eaten at the fellowship afterward. Balloons, paper flowers, and Filipino outfits decorated each booth. 

First, second, third and fourth prizes were water jugs of different sizes for each of the classes, for the thirsty pupils.

As we at Barner Learning Center work to strengthen the child’s mind, we also focus on his body and soul.


“YOU ATE MY BREAD!” Our 3 year old son PJ loves to eat fresh rolls. He even brings them to church as a snack. But during Children’s Church on Women’s Sunday, PJ’s voice from the kids’ room overpowered the speaker in the worship service. One of PJ’s classmates had eaten PJ’s bread. Since the church is in the alley between two homes, the teacher opened the window and whispered asking what she should do. “Use it as a lesson in sharing for your class.” The sermon continued uninterrupted, without anymore screams of, “YOU ATE MY BREAD!”


 “Revelation 3:20: ‘Behold, I stand at the door and knock…”

So begins the 3-hour DABC College Revelation class I teach each Thursday. At 1:30 pm each of the students presents 3 memorized verses from the Bible book of Revelation. Then is the weekly quiz, based on the last week’s lesson. Before I begin my new lesson, a 20-minute sermon on Revelation is given by one of the students.

After class and a break, I travel to the second Bible College, GMBT. There the time is split in half for two courses: English & Revelation. In English, each of the students presents the paraphrase of a Bible story paragraph for correction in grammar and spelling. Here I also can correct any poor theology, such as:

1. Jesus’ mother was Mary Magdalene.
2. Satan was chosen by the serpent as the craftiest animal.
3. Jonah swallowed a giant fish.
4. Abraham sacrificed an angel on the altar instead of Isaac

At 9:30 pm I am back home, sharing the excitement, challenges and laughs of the day with Elvie, who is still bedridden due to complications in her pregnancy. She is still busy with her sixth cross-stitch project, and reviewing Bible Study videos in preparation for when she gets well again.

Monday through Wednesday I instead teach computer at the kinderschool to over a hundred kids. Your prayers give us the strength to challenge many for Jesus.

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Last edited September 02, 2002
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