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Volume 12, No. 11

Teacher, @ 2 yrs old?

Who’d ever think that a 2 year old would be our best advertisement for the school?

Yet sure enough, our son PJ has so mastered the skills taught in our kinderschool that he is teaching those who are his seniors.

While one five year old was taking the oral portion of his entrance placement exam, he was asked, “And what letter is this?” To which he replied, with PJ looking on inquisitively, “Umm, D!” To which the instructor responded, “I’m sorry, could you try again?”

By this time PJ could control himself no longer and blurted out, “No, Peacher Joy, it a A! No D, but A!” The mother looked on with her jaw dropping, and immediately finished the remaining enrollment papers, stating, “If my son could learn like that, this is where he’s got to be!”

Whenever parents ask if we have computer classes, we call PJ over, and he climbs up in the swivel chair, places his hand on the mouse, and starts the matching and coloring exercises on the computer, gliding from one program to another with keyboard and mouse.

I don’t know, should we place PJ on payroll with the rest of the staff? He sure is a great account executive!

Foundation/Delivery Day

There will be a triple celebration this November, as the school faculty decided to move Foundation Day from October to November (my birthday). They figured that it makes sense to celebrate on the school’s first president’s birthday.

I balked at the idea, but then figured it makes sense, especially this year, as we’ll be able to also celebrate the birth of our second child, due that month…A millennium baby!

Little Preachers

While some relatives in Sultan Kudarat (Philippines) have their suitcases packed ready in case the Muslims attack, we here in Davao are even fighting the battle with children.

Here, the war is a spiritual one, fighting with the Bible as our sword. While visiting the home of one of our sponsored pupils (Joy Resnera), a Bible study of nearly a dozen children was singing Christian songs.

Coming nearer, we saw that our little 5-yr old sponsorship recipient was teaching her neighborhood playmates songs about Jesus!

Royal, Loyal, Lawyer!

During a role play in my TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) class, we made believe we were at McDonalds Restaurant. I was cashier, and asked the student what her order would be. After ordering, she said she’d like a lawyer to drink.

“Huh? How do you drink a lawyer?”  She clarified, “Orange soda. You know, Lawyer True Orange!” L’s and R’s are difficult to differentiate on some Oriental tongues, and “Royal” became the loyal “Lawyer”!

Speaking of lawyers, Elvie and I went to our school’s Christian lawyer with the landlord/owner of the school’s administrative building. We were to work out the details of a Conditional Deed of Sale on the property, to be paid directly to her over a 3 year term.

After agreeing to drop the price 20%, the owner started having second thoughts. To which the lawyer responded, “Don’t you realize that this couple has an outreach to poor Filipino families in Davao City? When you give a better price on the building, you are actually giving to the poor.

“And the book of Proverbs states that when you give to the poor, you are lending to God! God states that he will bless you to the third and fourth generations. So in essence, when you are assisting in this ministry, you are investing with returns on your money for the next 200 years! This will benefit your children and your children’s children!”

Elvie was nearly in tears when she stopped to think of the intensity of the spiritual upliftment which this ministry brings to so many lives!

“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.” – 3 Jn 4

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Last edited September 02, 2002
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