Barner Christian Academy


Volume 12, No. 10


In her little blue uniform with red and white detail, and pink ribbons dangling in her hair, 5 year old Angelica pulled her little brother down from his climbing up the school flagpole. That was on Friday. On Sunday, the Dotollo family did not show up for church. Their little girl had a fever. On Monday, we pulled away the colored sheet from Angelica’s lifeless face in an open-air morgue.

One of the 39 poor sponsored children in our kinderschool, Angelica had traveled with her parents to visit relatives in a distant swampy area. Their pedicycle capsized, and an aimless mosquito chose this little girl’s arm to bite. Dengue fever was the result. She died in the hospital, a few hours after midnight.

The flag hung at half-mast on the school flagpole, and now Angelica’s little brother has no big sister to keep him from climbing it.


Pastor Paul, this is Ate Mona in Manila. Your visa is about to expire, and we need authorization papers from the USA for its renewal. We need them in two weeks, with red documentary ribbons attached!”

As president of Paul M. Barner Ministries Inc., I quickly contacted many prayer warriors around the world to pray, and then created all the documents and express mailed them to my brother Bud in New York. Yet since the consulate there is four hours away in Manhattan, Bud express mailed them to my brother Phil in Chicago .

At the consulate there, Phil had a lesson in government red tape. With only one week left until the deadline, the consulate said, “Even though Paul is in the Philippines, he has to have his signature notarized by a Notary Public in Missouri. Then the County Clerk has to authorize the Notary’s signature, and the Secretary of State must approve the authorization of the notarization...all in one week!

Meanwhile, I visited the barangay captain here in Davao for my regular clearance letter. The secretary signed the form since the captain was out of town. Suddenly an idea dawned on me. Why not have Phil sign?

So I emailed to Phil a revision of the wording of the papers, listing Phil’s official position as voluntary “Board Member of International Affairs”.

The paperwork, complete “with red documentary ribbons attached” arrived a few days later in Manila. It took many visits to the consulate for Phil, but our “Super God” used “Super Phil” to go above and beyond the call of duty and accomplish the impossible. Praise God!


Riding the jeepney (Philippine open-air minibus) downtown to teach my college class in Revelation, perhaps the passengers were wondering why I had such a happy smile on my face.

Our kinderschool had just received an A+ on our surprise government inspection. The inspector exclaimed cheerfully, “I’ve visited many schools in Davao, and your is by far one of the very best!” This inspection was rescheduled from last year because of the timing for our ½ year furlough. Yet word only came the afternoon before as to the new inspection date.

The teachers were treated to a homemade pizza dinner to celebrate.


“The parents in the school are jealous that their kids know more about computers that they do. Can we offer classes for them?”

Pastor Bong was concerned, so we had him develop a curriculum for adults, in the basics of computer. Yet the interest is so great that we are planning other classes and seminars as well, in Bible, literature, safety, etc.

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Last edited September 02, 2002
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